Monday, 19 August 2013


Sometimes it truly does take the words of someone else in order for us to gain perspective; to see things as we might do if our mind wasn't so clouded with our perceived 'better judgement'. Notice the irony in 'better judgement' here as usually when the mind is so clouded and foggy we are absolutely and categorically unable to see black from white at times. Or rather we see black and white very sharply and clearly; it's the inbetween shaded areas which are near impossible to detect.

The words of another human being hold a lot of power if we are open to listening and taking them in. The words don't even have to come from a long-standing trustworthy friend. Sometimes they hold as much meaning as they do coming from a stranger who mentioned something in a fleeting moment, perhaps not even directly to you. Just words that you happened to hear and take in. We are of course prone to selective hearing, and the message we take is without a doubt only our own subjective perception of the original intent of the words. However, I'm hearing these words more so lately than ever before. Words from a friend which served to illustrate the preciousness of time and the irreversable nature of time are the main reason behind this blog post. But there are messages and reminders that fall inbetween the cracks - that so many, including myself are too quick to unknowingly discount. Perhaps now I'm not so rushed and my head doesn't feel like a pressure tank ready to explode, my mind is able to breathe and notice the things I might otherwise overlook. Or maybe I'm just searching for messages - searching for a greater meaning - searching for knowledge, an indication, a sign. Something out there that has a greater meaning and power than myself, only to realize that the only power and meaning lie precisely in the place i didn't look - myself. Whatever it is, it is there. Sometimes.

I began this summer head-on. Pushing forward, creating change, making things happen. I said that this was the summer of change.  downright refusing to stop. Refusing to take a break, refusing to accept help, refusing my mind and body the space and energy to even breathe. But everything I set out to do/organize/put in place has been done. Which feels odd to say, but it has been done. So now I'm playing the old waiting game. Waiting for things to kick in. Waiting for things to begin. But all these words from people - all the messages and words have been floating around in my mind, staying with me, and it's clicked into place. Now is the time to not feel impatient waiting, but to go with it. 

So 'going with it' I am. I arrived back late last night and I'm currently passing through Peterborough on a train down to the South of England now, and booking a trip to Rome. I am not doing what's right for my savings account, but I am doing what's right for my soul. There are seven days left until training for my new job begins, less than a month until my Masters, and other new and exciting projects in the pipeline too. 

This train ride isn't too bad... I could really, really do with a soy cappuccino though. 

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