Saturday, 3 August 2013

August, aloneness, and the storm

It's another Friday. It's August 2nd and it is now what seems like the premature beginning of the end of summer. If we can call freak storms, rain, grey skies, blue skies, white skies, pink skies, orange skies, and of course, an unusually generous (and very much welcomed) gift of sunshine, blue skies, and overheated cars. The title of this blog post is really quite misleading. Aloneness and the storm... It seems somewhat dramatic for my reflection of today which actually has a sense of gratification rather than the suggested melancholic tone.

Today was spent with a lot of people. I am always astounded how one person can be so completely content and at peace both alone and in the company of others. For one who likes nothing more than aloneness and space, I tend to surround myself with a great number of people and be working towards a career which is essentially about human beings helping other human beings - about connections and relationships. There are various quoted individuals, some of whom state that man is only ever in this world alone; we are born alone, we die alone, and all we ever have is ourselves. However, others speak of quite the opposite attitude, declaring that man is never alone - that loneliness is a feeling; a very real feeling nonetheless. But true aloneness is never a reality. No man is an island entirely onto himself. I wonder how both realities can exist in the same world.. But then I look at myself and I look at others and I see that they do. It's all about perspective.

I spent the morning with my boyfriend and his mother, the afternoon with a good friend, my own mother, and my sister, and this evening with the company of me, myself, the rain, and my running shoes. Oh, and a cup of tea and Grey's Anatomy as I write this blog post. I arrived back in York at dusk and decided once an epic summer storm descended that it of course it was the perfect opportunity to go out for a run. After spending the day doing various bits and pieces, fulfilling my sisterly and daughterly duties, and sifting through the remaining boxes of my belongings in the attic at my mum's house, this night time rainy run was without a doubt, the most satisfying way to end the day. The rain did ease off and I could see where I was running, thank goodness - otherwise the decision may have been one based on nothing more than sheer madness. Sometimes madness pays off though. Sometimes the benefits far outweigh the cost, even in the case of absurdity. I am now eagerly awaiting the next evening rainfall so I can go out running again. 

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