Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Southern trip, day one

Today my mother and sister have flown to Spain and I have time off this week before training for my new job commences next week, therefore I am in the South of England. I walked what I roughly calculate to be a 10 mile round trip over the cliffs and beaches near Eastbourne/Beachy Head/Birling Gap. We got back after the sun set, which meant I didn't go for a run; not that I needed to after our hiking efforts! It also meant that during our drive back to Kent I was witness to the most incredible colours in the sky due to the sun setting rather gloriously right in front of us. I don't know why the colours were so different this evening. Lots of oranges and reds and pinks - rather like a less Eastern European version of the sunset over the Bosphorus sea through the centre of Istanbul. Bearing in mind, it would take something of supernatural strength to outrival these sights of Istanbul, so South England certainly rose to the occasion.

Here are some pictures of our walks - mainly of the sea and sun. The sights were too spectacular not to capture.

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