Monday, 19 August 2013

Northumberland roadtrip

I have just returned back home in York from a weekend roadtripping around Northumberland. Being a Norther being, I have been many times before; I particularly remember a holiday to Holy Island and being fascinated with the tidal movements and the courseway. For some reason my appreciation for natural beauty is growing more and more. Perhaps this is a sign of life in the mid-twenties and no longer being a sulking teenager begrudgingly being dragged around the hills and rocks and mountains with a Mother, Grandmother, and three younger siblings running riot. So this trip I was really able to take in the scenery and enjoy being away with the boyfriend. Northumberland is a somewhat large area of the North East of England and it is home to some of the most breathtaking views (in my opinion!)

There is something about the sun and the water that is really quite stunning. Stunning doesn't quite do it justice... Not by a long shot. The scenery is beautiful. Not even photographs can really capture the elegance and strength of our views - that is, unless you have my boyfriend's camera, in which case you'd capture some really amazing shots compared to the slightly fading in comparison camera of the iPhone. Note to self for next time: Bring your camera and don't rely on your iPhone! I did get some great pictures nonetheless. 

We spent some time on Holy Island, Alnwick, and briefly stopped off in Durham on the road back home to enjoy the most incredible Thai and Asian cuisine. 

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