Monday, 26 August 2013

The sky is blue and the grass is green

This weekend is a bank holiday weekend and I have now returned to the beautiful world of the North. I start training for my new job tomorrow so it feels like tomorrow is the beginning of the new beginning. The first of the firsts. From now onwards, the coming weeks shall be filled with new challenges and new things to learn and adapt to. I'm ready. And I have absolutely made the most of my last day off.

Yesterday evening I was no sooner back in York before I was in the car again heading to Harrogate to my boyfriend's gig. En route, we somehow managed to spontaneously stop at a fairground and decide to go and enjoy some Asian cuisine before the gig. I very much appreciated an evening in my own bed, and woke up this morning to more glorious sunshine so I began writing what I hope (in time) might evolve into my very own recipe book, I went grocery shopping, and spontaneously met a good friend in town where we shopped and sat in the museum gardens in the sunshine with macaroons and iced coffee contemplating both of our lives. I then spent the evening baking and attempting to create my new recipe, accompanied with some music in my kitchen. And of course, I finally went for a really ridiculously refreshing 6km run this evening. It was great to go running simply because I wanted to, not because I'd be plagued with guilt if I failed to do so.

I shall always appreciate days like today - always. It's been the small details. I have quite literally spent over a week travelling around the North and South of this country. Without a doubt, it has been marvelous and beautiful. Yet I return home for one day and as much as I've had a fantastic time away and I really was not quite ready to come home, there is no feeling that can replace the one of sitting with a good friend in a beautiful and familiar place such as your hometown, watching the world pass by and knowing that just as the sky is blue and the grass is green, that everything IS ok.

As I was walking through Kings Cross train station yesterday, I saw an advertisement which prompted me to tweet the following: 'if the small things make the biggest difference, who's to say they are small things at all?'

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