Friday, 19 November 2010

Friday feeling

Good morning. Oh this is different - blogging in the morning! It's usually an obsurd time of the night. Well, change is good.
I would have updated last night but if I remember rightly I was pretty much dead on my little old feet. So here I am - 9am and ready to start the day. It's uni reading week (well, the last day of reading week really) But I feel like today is the only real 'reading week' day I've had. Before I write any more, I HAVE to share these beautiful little pups with you. Mark's parents have 2 brand new puppies. They are tiny and ever so adorable.. Take a peek.. (I went to visit them last night)

Teagan and Timmy :) Oh they are tiny and lovely little things.

Back to today anyways - I am as free as a bird! I DO have a little bit of uni work actually but I shall get that done this morning. Existentialism presentation to do on Monday and also need to get on with the rest of my humanisic essay. Easier said than done I reckon. I did have a therapy appointment today but she had to rearrange so that's free'd up my lunch time. Oh I love the irony - let's make my therapy time during actual lunch time. Way to go, to get me eating a normal lunch. Really good timing there!
Oh well. Onwards and upwards with the day. It's Friday 19th November - that is the release day of Harry Potter! (I am fully aware I'm 21 years old and perhaps that's a little sad!) But yes, I shall be getting over to the odeon tonight to see it. Of course. It's Harry Potter! I Bloody love it. There's some really incredible quotes running through those books aswell.
Au revoir xxx

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