Sunday, 14 November 2010

You can only truly live once you let go.

Reflection of this week - CRAZY. But we all know I am a little crazy so this all suits me just fine. I honestly havn't stopped. I have been somehow fitting uni in, of couse. But each morning has been around 6am and each night I have been too exhausted to actually remember what I've been doing that day. So I don't need to say that I am incredibly happy to have a day off tomorrow. Finally. Sleep on a sunday. Beautiful.

Since getting back from London town I have been to Manchester to test for Boss. Had a lovely team there actually, and great photographer. Worked with one of the other Boss models from the male new faces. Some really sweet styling too. Favourite - polka dot scarf tied in a little bow in my hair and a floral pair of shorts/dungarees and yellow tights. I felt like I was 10 years old again (which is a lovely feeling)

Also did a Blackpool shoot today with a wonderful photographer, Phil. It was a beauty shoot - bold make up, really quite nice hair styling and lots of face! I learnt something actually. I have to let go. The test of a good model is when she can let go. Which made me think -
You can only truly live once you begin to let go.
I reckon there's a lot of truth in those words. 

So I shall gracefully leave you with an image that I seem to have been seeing rather a lot of lately. Dark and rainy train stations are turning into the new hang-out place for me to be. Obviously, accompanied with a sugar free vanilla soya latte from starbucks!

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