Monday, 1 November 2010

Autumn days

To be an artist is 'to be no longer yourself but to move in a world that's entirely your creating.'

Must have been a productive day. Kitchen has been full of stressful little halloween 'treats'  and finished uni to go back to my car and find I'd been issued my first parking ticket, courtesy of York city council. Thank you. Ironically today was also the first day I thought I'd put my new parking permit to good use. Turns out my head is in the clouds and I don't pay attention. Oh well, live and learn eh?

We finally have the internet back up and running after the weekend with it being down. I don't seem to have much to update on though, since the best I've come up with is food and my car. Am I getting middle aged? Ha. Best not answer that. I actually had a pretty chilled weekend off. That's such a rare thing these days. Had a lovely night at the theatre on Friday nightI actually rather miss the theatre and rehearsing and everything about that glamorous life! I miss it. Oh and I spent the rest of the weekend catching up on a lot of Waterloo Road (Loving that at the moment) and carving out pumpkins with the little sis. Halloween time means it's pumpkin city. We lovingly named our pumpkin Bob. It's definitely autumn now - can smell it, can feel it and it's getting SO cold. Leaves are golden and auburn and the sunrise and sunsets are just beautiful :)

    Oh yes, and person - centered therapy. I actually am finding it quite interesting.

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