Thursday, 18 November 2010

Let it be

'And when the night is cloudy, there is still a light that shines on me. Shine until tomorrow, let it be.'

Let it be.... Such a wonderful song that I just can not get out of my head today! Shouldn't really complain, it's genuinely one of the best songs ever written. 

About today - I may not have eaten much today but I have consumed more than my daily recommended liquid intake of tea and coffee. This makes me very content. I have been a local in Manchester again today, Henri Lloyd shoot which actually went really well. The photographer, Mat Wright was a nice guy. Had a rather expensive jacket as the first outfit which I very much enjoyed wearing. Hopefully the pics have turned out okay. I then had a couple of hours to wait.. went into Boss to go through my recent test pics and take a peek at my brand new book :) and then had coffee, and waited for the casting this evening. (And interrupted Mark's game with a phone call) I absolutely made the most of that little rest and coffee break. It was perfect. Cold and rainy and dark outside, and I was sat all cosy and warm inside the little coffee shop by the agency. All warm - with my soya cappuccino and listening to James Morrison singing along his beautiful tunes in the background.
Of course after the casting was the journey back to lovely little Harrogate. There's no place like home. Sometimes I wish I was a little like Dorothy and I could click the heels of my little red shoes. But life can't always be perfect. I must say though, it gets pretty damn close sometimes!

Highlight of the day - The studio today was right next to Canal Street. Now, I have a lot of love for Mark. Therefore, I instinctively love Canal Street. Took a bit of time to wander through it. I came across 'Trannyoke Tuesdays'  Of course, at Queer Club! This is blatently where the new Friday nights are at.

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