Friday, 26 November 2010

a winter's morning

I reckon winter has well and truely arrived now. Icey cold, snowy yesterday, that fresh crisp feeling in the air.. The sky looks gloriously full of sunshine yet there's still ice on the ground. If anything, it's a good excuse to layer up and not get funny stares from people! Thermal clothes, lots of chunky knits, about 3 pairs of warm socks, knitted tights.. boots with layers of softness inside! And of course, the wooly hat comes out. I'm not really afraid of dressing any way I feel. I wouldn't describe myself as having a set 'style' or following any certain 'trends'.. I tend to go along with how I feel and if I feel comfortable, happy and vaguely dressed in a way that looks like I havn't just thrown on the first thing I found, then I'm away! 

Back to THE wooly hat! It's actually a man's hat. Which means it's slightly on the big side. It's one of those big warm ones that have ear flaps and toggles and a big woolen bobble on the top. I think it's the cosiest thing to wear. If my head and ears are kept nicely warm then the rest of me tends to follow suit. However my friends who know me always seem to find it amusing when I wear it. It's nice.. but so unexpected of me! I whacked it on during skills classes yesterday at uni! And it was mentioned then aswell :) Ha! Apparently it's because it's so big on my small frame and my 'composed' nature! Me being 'tall and slim and elegant' (I would beg to differ!!) 

Well, there's a lot of love for the hat :)

On another completely different note, my beautiful friend Ruth is off on her way to interview with an agency today. I absolutely know she's going to blow them away and she'll be fabulous. She's got me back to thinking about all things fashion and art and modelling again. I say again, but it's not really again. It's always on my mind.. It's what I do really! But sometimes I forget just how much my heart and mind can be into it all. I am so grateful to be where I am at the moment with all of it. I was actually on the Boss blog yesterday - an article about the other red-head new girl and myself, describing us as 'Titanian Goddesses' I do quite like that name - it may catch on!

If there is one girl out there who I think is absolutely incredible it's Lily Cole. (she flies the flag for the red heads aswell). I've always been a little envious of how stunningly perfect she is.

Just beautiful
Righty, I'm actually going to do something productive with today. Day off and all that jazz

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