Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Happy birthday Moor, and a Valentines update.

It is not actually Moor's birthday yet. It's on 17th, which is Thursday but she came home back up north for the weekend to celebrate with us. We had planned a meal out and some drinks afterwards. Very relaxed and plenty of space to catch up over lovely food and drinks, give gifts, and spy the handsome waiters! There was Moor, Kate, Mark, and myself. It wasn't my birthday, however I still felt as though it could have been because I had such a wonderful evening. It is nights like those that I am reminded just how important friends are.

Also, I don't remember the last time I enjoyed a meal out. This time was different. Perhaps it was the relaxed atmosphere, or the fabulous company, but I felt comfortable eating in a restaurant for the first time in years. We ended the night by setting light to some Chinese lanterns and sending them off and away through the midnight sky. Just beautiful with beautiful people.

Today is valentines day. February 14th 2011. It is actually the 15th now, but that's only because it's rather late. Usually, valentines day is pretty insignificant for me. Infact, that still remains the same. It was only by logging onto facebook this morning that I realisd yes.. it is indeed valentines day. Society somehow feels the need to name a day after St Valentine in order to remind themselves of who they love, and to show their unconditional adoration and love with showers of flowers, chocolate, and wine. I refuse to believe that true love can only be shown on this one meer day of the year. So yes, the concept is lovely. But come on.. If you love someone, you love them - Valentines day or no valentines day. But hey, what do I know? I am the first to admit my terrible knowledge and understanding of relationships and love.

This evening, my mother and myself went down to Manchester to the launch of Steve Huison's art exhibition. We absolutely enjoyed this evening and felt incredibly lucky to view his work first hand. Steve is not only such a caring and positive soul, but he uses his endless talents so well, in order to help others. A real inspiration.

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