Friday, 25 February 2011

Is it Friday?

Today feels somewhat like a Friday, rather than a Thursday. I really do not know where my head is this week. I spent all day at uni today. Although I doubt I should have been there, because I cannot remember a single thing we did.

I prioritised today, deciding to put uni before work - therefore saying no to a job filming the new Next TV ad. I don't mind, but I miss the other Next models. I spent all day wishing I was down there with them because I know that seeing them and spending all day filming would have been the best distraction and a wonderful break away from home. Like I always say, I hold a place in my heart for some of those people and I do miss them a lot. Today it was difficult to understand, why I was here and not there.

Must trust my own decisions.

On the other hand, I know it has not been the best of weeks, but I owe more than words can explain to the lovely John, who I spent yesterday with. When someone take the time out to listen and accept you just the way you are means a hell of a lot. It doesn't take any problems away. Hugs are not the ultimate cure for all life's downfalls. But it does take an incredibly special person to help you find a sense of belonging and a slight essence of who you are. I wish I could voice my appreciation in a better way - but I'm not very good at that.


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