Sunday, 6 February 2011

You are getting up in my grill yo.

The past few days most definitely deserve a good old update. The ever so beautiful Lovely Katie came up to York on a trip to visit Anna and I. The combination of our three characters work just nicely together. You know how sometimes certain personality types just don't click and it can cause a little tension? Well it didn't feel like that in the slightest. In fact, it was a positively happy and relaxed few days together. We drank plenty of delicious beverages, some alcoholic, others hot and steamy! We of course indulged in shopping and movies, and late night chats regarding life, love, and the universe, and what 'being normal' could possibly mean.

I honestly enjoy the time I spend with these girls. They have such a positive influence on me, and a way of being that makes me feel okay about being myself. There must be a lot of trust I hold with them - the fact that purely being surrounded with their honesty and acceptance, allows me toxfd  

(I actually woke up this morning to find my self sleeping infront of this screen.. I would correct the spelling mistake and make it more coherant but it is rather amusing!)

My train of thought was along the lines of Katie and Anna being beautiful people and how I am feeling very content after my few days with them. I don't quite know where the word 'toxfd' fits in with that!

My work placement was supposed to be today but I re-arranged because I just fancied a day at home. It is currently 12.53pm and I am still very comfortably in my pyjamas and about to enjoy a bowl of hot porridge. Today will be a good day!


  1. The duvet day sounds perfect :)
    I am so glad I found your blog, so thanks for the add :P
    You are so beautiful, inside and out, and you are more than worthy of recovering.
    So keep fighting little one xxxxx

  2. Oh baby, I gots so much love for you it's unreal xxxxx