Sunday, 27 February 2011

Hair therapy

If all in life fails, Anna Poberezny's hair therapy does wonders.

This weekend was just perfect. Anna and I, York, shopping, coffee, vegetables, and films.

Anna is like a little precious gem. Or something with a similar meaning. She has such a lovely soul and all the wonders of the world waiting infront of her and I do believe it's only a matter of time before she realises just how precious she is.

We had a very relaxing weekend, which was needed for both of us. I don't think either of us have been having a particularly easy time recently but we do our best to hold it together. It is just nice to take a couple of days 'out of reality' and wander mindlessly through the streets of York, reading books, drinking coffee, and chatting about some kind of madness that we both seem to understand as vaguely normal. While 'flobbing together', I actually had fun. We laughed - at inappropriate jokes. I seem to remember a reference to a courgette. And we discovered some new books that are on the 'to-read' list. Very excited to go amazon shopping later tonight. I am in a considerably better mood tonight than I was a few nights ago.. Which can only be a good thing!

Another side note, which I feel needs a mention because it is on my mind, is how much I am missing certain old friends. I wish we didn't have to just drift apart from those closest to us. I hate how it is almost expected that good friends don't last. Why shouldn't they? Do we really have to lose trust and contact with a person who has impacted our lives so much? It makes me sad to think that we anticipate and then accept that as the norm now.

Tomorrow should be a productive day. Uni and work placement. Nice and productive!


  1. Oh my goodness, like, wow. I just, just love you so much. Like in a really soppy way, that just made me smile. I wish I could feel do as well as when I'm with you as I can on my own.
    You are fabulous
    You are beautiful

  2. Aw, you two are such babes! (And for the record, you BOTH will one day realise how precious you are) xxxxxxx