Tuesday, 19 July 2011


It has just turned 6am here in Japan. This early morning post makes a nice change to the usual posts of the late night/early morning variety. I've been awake for an hour already, partly due to the fact that there is fairly strong wind blowing through the gaps in the windows of the apartment. I most definitely feel like the predicted storm/typhoon is on it's way. At least I'm not alone in here any more. This past week has taken me from living alone to living with two new Canadian room mates. I was quite enjoying my own space. Albeit I was incredibly lonely, sometimes finding myself at a bit of a lose end, and failing to sleep until I had checked the door had been locked a good few times before my mind could rest. So all being considered, it's really nice to finally have some company in here. It's so small and cramped in this place, and yes, we live under eachother's feet. But it kind of works in a strange manner.

With this being my last week here, I am feeling somewhat mixed. I have no doubt in my mind that coming back to England will be right for me. There is so much I am beyond excited to do. Including London very soon with the other Next models, my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary, getting back into the flow of English work, and of course - a night in my own bed. The last few days have been busy. Lots of shoots. Monday evening we were shooting until almost 11pm, yesterday we worked our way through rails of clothing (I lost count of the exact number), and today I do believe I am shooting with a Parisian photographer at a salon somewhere in Shinshaibashi. I must then come back to pack my room up in my case once more ready to leave tomorrow morning when my car will arrive here at 7am.

I sometimes feel like I am still a young child, still learning the ways of life and the workings of the world for the very first time. Being continuously surprised and endeared by each corner I turn around. Never fully knowing what to expect or what comes next. I guess we never know though. Life is something we never fully understand but must always appreciate.

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