Thursday, 7 July 2011


I have succeeded in my mission to locate and purchase the means to make a good cup of English tea in my apartment here in Japan whenever I so wish. After going two weeks without, I have never felt more English in my life when I found myself thoroughly enjoying this hot beverage. I am partial to my herbal and fruit teas when I so wish. But, hands down, nothing beats a good cup of English tea. (Made with soy milk and two sweeteners, of course.)

 (the Japanese phrase was kindly given to me from the stylist at yesterday's shoot. Translated as 'do you sell soy milk?' This is going to come in very handy!)


  1. hahaha actual lol at the sign you have for the soy milk! And thank flunk for the english tea, I'm very much glad you have it despite how many yens schmens it was. xx

  2. Yey :))))
    I hope you are managing to find food too {{{hugs}}}

  3. That soy milk packet looks like it could be from another world... I'd have had no idea that a bird and a sun illustrated soy milk! lol x