Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Let it be

'There is no good or evil, no sinner or saint. There simply is what is and that is that. You can use that to be and that is enough. Don't talk about it or question it. Just let it be. Just be.'
James Frey, A Million Little Pieces.

I am currently mid-way through this wonderful (and actually rather controversial) memoir written by James Frey. My opinion - I think it's great. I can relate, I understand, and it's pretty compelling to read. I am so thankful for books while travelling!

This snippet I read today does a pretty good job of describing the kind of attitude I am adopting while I am here in Japan. Just let it be. I cannot slow down time, nor can I fast forward through days I'd rather forget. There is only so much that I am in control of while I am here so the only thing I can do is just let things be as they are. Acceptance and living in the here-and-now. I do realize that it is a slightly care-free and 'hippy' loving life attitude to live by, but I think that for now, that is what I need.

The past few days have been pretty busy. Sunday was wonderful. We had a day off so went to a beach party and spent all day and night hanging out there, under the trees, on the beach, in the sea, watching the sunset, and then heading back home. I adore the ocean. Where ever I find myself living when I'm older, I must be within a couple of hours from the sea. It's calming yet energizing and exciting. The days are long and the nights are beautiful. The moment I see the sea and walk towards it kind of reminds me of childhood and the only happy memories I actually have. (or at least the only ones I seem to remember)

Yesterday I had a job so I spent the day in the studio working through the day and then made it out in time for the last casting of the day. Working out here is nice because the clients take good care of you. I was even a little embarrassed and felt guilty to have a Japanese assistant following me around all day at my beck and call with a wheeling table of food and drinks always with her for me. She even washed my feet. Today consisted of a couple of castings and travelling around in the car, and then going to the book store to see what English books they have available. Then I took myself to Starbucks, ordered a lovely cup of English tea, sat in the corner, and started to write a little. Writing is also becoming a good hobby of mine. I began to think of home, and since I'd purchased lovely Anna a little something, I spent the remainder of my time in Starbucks composing her a little letter for her to receive when the air mail gets it over to England and delivered to her home.

Tomorrow marks three weeks of me being here.


  1. That book is wonderful wonderful wonderful. I love it. I bought it for a friend and he didn't like it as much, it was a bit disappointing. Read the sequel, too! xxxxxxxxxxx

    P.s. It still amazes me how far you have come. I am very proud.