Saturday, 9 July 2011

Wigs and feathers

Today was my first real taste of the true 'Japanese' style shoot. They like the 'odd' and the interesting and quirky. As is any fashion and editorial spread odd and unique. But the Japanese produce a specific 'look' that they love. It's either incredibly commercial and cute, or it's still rather doll-like with an element of 'cute' but it's got a little edge. Even though I have red hair, they love wigs and crazy feathers and colours. They create a certain kind of image that you don't generally tend to see in any other country but here!

I tested today with a client who has already booked me for a job next week, but we did a beauty test today, with two different looks. Both equally as crazy as the other. 'Crazy' when used in this context is good for me. I'm actually more comfortable in front of the camera when I am made to look like something other than myself. That, combined with a lovely team of people to work with made today a really enjoyable shoot. I didn't really have to lift a finger for anything, other than the obvious. They had an assistant who carried my shoes and opened doors for me. At lunch, we were treated to a meal at a beautiful and quaint little Italian restaurant.

I may complain a lot of the time, but today is not one of those days. It makes up for yesterday when I was feeling a little beaten and down to say the least. After seven consecutive days of either shooting or casting, I am very much looking forward to a good day off tomorrow.

This is one of the shots from today.