Monday, 4 July 2011


My Monday has consisted of the following..
Another test shoot this morning. Which actually went considerably better than yesterday's. It was only half a day, and I seemed to click (somehow) with this team of people, which surprised me very much considering they were all Japanese. They seemed to be pleased with the pictures, which is good, since it was the client for my job next week.
I then spent the afternoon until 7pm going to various lingerie castings, before heading back to the agency who had already received my pictures from this morning. Just goes to show - maybe the pictures were not as well received as I would have hoped. From what I could tell they were pretty good. But what did my booker say?
'These are bad. Can not use them for your book. Your eye bags. Terrible.'
So, not only do I have to lose weight, but I somehow how to fix my genetics to make my eyes appear wide awake?
Something that make up and re-touching usually fixes no problem at all.

I really must quit complaining!
On the plus side, I managed to find a gym with a guy working there who spoke pretty good English, and he directed me to the closest swimming pool. I can't wait for a day off so I can go swimming..

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  1. Angel, You are so amazing.
    And I truly hope that you can let go of the weight loss comments and criticisms because you ARE getting work, and you DO get work here.
    So please, care for you, know that you can do this without restricting more/over exercising.
    I love you and I want you to keep loving you {{{hugs}}}