Saturday, 16 July 2011

Harry Potter in Japan

Yes I did. Of course, it had to be done. I embraced my inner child and went along with a bunch of the other models to see Harry Potter showing at Namba park city cinema. I have to say, it was the biggest group of white people in one room together I've seen since arriving here in Japan! The film was accompanied by Japanese subtitles and we were highly entertained by the crazy Japanese advertisements before the film started. And we made full use of the refreshments made available to us.

Harry Potter has indeed now reached the end. I grew up reading the books, subsequently watching the films, and falling more in love with the characters, as the novels by JK Rowling become a global fascination and icon. I remember being nine or ten years old, and taking the very first Harry Potter book with me into school to read and the other kids would be like 'hey, what's Harry Potter??' And my shy and quaint little response would be.. 'My Nan got me this for Christmas! It's a good book!' Little did we know we were in for a decade of Harry Potter fanatics.

My sister however, she proudly takes the geek-chic vibe of loving Harry Potter to a new level of obsession.

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