Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Earthquakes in Osaka?

Today we did the usual - drove around the city going to a few castings. One of which I tried on some of quite frankly, the biggest, brightest, and most colourful dresses I have ever worn. What can I say? Japanese fashion is a little quirky?

This evening marked the shock of my short life so far. I had just eaten dinner, and was replying to a few emails while chilling on the sofa in my ninth floor apartment when the entire room starts rocking and swaying pretty steadily backwards and forth as though I was on a boat in a really stormy sea. I grabbed hold of the arm of the sofa while my heart missed a fair few beats and I immediately thought - oh, shit! Japan is actually having another earthquake. Oh my life. All is okay now. It was only a minor shake, and after google-ing the weather and any future earthquakes predicted, I discovered it was a 5.4 earthquake and everything will be okay.

Really though!! Not cool..