Thursday, 14 July 2011


No one ever said life was easy. So I don't know why I find myself so disheartened when it gets hard.
I don't know what I'm feeling tonight. It seems as though things are either running pretty smoothly, or I am almost at breaking point. It can be pretty intense out here. With the work and the pressure and the living in a strange  culture amongst girls from all over the world. So many cultures and languages thrown together in the mix. No wonder my emotions are a little all over the place today.

Until this moment, I had been avoiding publically acknowledging that I am missing home. But of course, I am human and I miss my friends and my home and my bed and my comforts. My support network and my routine. I miss it all.

I had castings this morning and a job this afternoon, so these ramblings are probably mainly due to tiredness and a need to sleep in this bed, not lay on top of it posting depressing blogs and feeling like anything but good enough.

I need to take a leaf or two out of my own writings and just let things be. Let things be. Let things be.

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