Thursday, 8 November 2012

it was a cold day

Yesterday I was a very cold model. I do feel the cold, so on days like yesterday I have learnt to adopt a 'mind over matter' attitude. Very much 'I think, therefore I am.' So, if my mind draws in on coldness it becomes easy to forget everything else. On the other hand, if my mind allows all other aspects to be viewed then I really am  free to feel whatever I choose to feel. And I felt quite content on the train back home last night.

I know.. November, winter, coldness, bridal dresses.. These words almost spell out chilly frozen toes and many many hot beverages required to warm the hands! It was a 'surprise' job.. I didn't know I had been booked on it until the evening before (such is life!).. Nevertheless, despite the hurry to re-arrange my day, it was a lovely surprise because once more, the people made the day one of happiness (if not tainted with some frosty icicles..) This is not an ironic metaphor, the people were incredibly warm and lovely and provided lots of hugs and even an insulating blanket (thank you Ailsa) and chocolate brownies.
Here are a few behind the scenes pictures.

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