Sunday, 4 November 2012

Illuminating the sky

It is the first Sunday morning of November, it is suitably and seasonally cold outside and I drink my morning coffee as I catch up on TV (USA X factor - and by the way, immense talent on this show!) and I contemplate the day ahead. Cousin coffee time, then there is lots to do.. The most crucial things being purchasing food to fill my fridge and crossing off some things on my 'uni work to-do list'. I will feel significantly better once this is done.t
I must begin writing my first assignment for the 'psychology of creativity' module. The title of the assignment is one of those artsy creative titles and I think it requires the writer to be blessed with possessing a great amount of divergent thinking itself just to write well. 'Is creativity inherently mysterious?' - go, critically explore. Create and define your answer..
Aim for today is to really do a significant amount of reading for this one and produce a plan of my answer, so to speak.
Before I do any of the above, I shall leave you with a few photographs of last night's activities. After going to the cinema to watch 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower', from the Stephen Chbosky novel, I went to Harrogate, met some good friends, for what could even be described as an annual tradition of ours, the Stray bonfire night.

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