Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Train-travel updates

I am typing this blog from my trusty iPhone (thank goodness for the world's technological advances). Currently I am in transit somewhere on the transpennine route mid-way between Manchester and York en route home from a rather long, but good days work. It's 6.30pm and total darkness out of the train window so even if I were to be graced with a beautiful scenic view for the journey, I wouldn't be able to appreciate it anyway. This is England however, and this train route isn't the most aesthetically pleasing in the peak of daylight so I'm not missing out on too much. Just reflecting really, on how the days at the minute seem to be vanishing ever so quickly.

Today I left the house at 7am, my housemate was still fast asleep (lucky!) and I took the train to Sheffield for round two of the bridal job we shot last week. Then travelled to Manchester in the car with make up artist-exraordinaire Sarah to finally catch up with super-booker Lauren at Boss. Things have been so busy lately that I hadn't been in to check in and catch up with what's new since before summer. This is before my stay in London.. A really long time for a model to not see her agent. So this was a long overdue and lovely chat.

In other happenings, Friday-Sunday was spent almost entirely focused on uni work. I feel accomplished now, and the pub quiz on Sunday night added to my areas of extra useless general knowledge. I learnt that we do not call a baby penguin pingu or fluff ball. It is indeed called a chick. Also, South Korea is the only country in the world to have a toilet themed theme park. Perhaps the most interesting thing to be added to my mind of vastly expanding knowledge, is that the Greek goddess of victory goes by the name of 'Nike'... Now we know how the famous sportswear brand came up with that clever brand name!

Win-win weekend. Lots of writing and essay planning, extra knowledge development accomplished, and good time spent with friends. Work-life balance I believe?

I have been doing an incredible amount of thinking about my post graduate study options... Locations, courses of study, and my modelling work. So much thinking that I believe my brain may explode with thoughts. I think it's time to push this thought aside for the time being and focus on what's happening in the present. One thing at a time... Must not get carried away planning! Must focus on now. This involves getting home, cooking a nourishing meal, and doing a little essay writing before getting some rest in preparation for tomorrow.

And breathe.
Happy travelling...

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