Tuesday, 20 November 2012

options and energy

Just a brief update, because it feels as though this blog has been neglected over the past week. A lot is happening, and with most considerably prominent aspects of life,  more often than not the thought  crosses my mind of 'I must blog about this!' However, these momentary occasions and thoughts or events accumulate so rapidly that before I know it, a collection of blog-worthy notes are safely stored in my mind, all unique in their meaning and content, therefore unable to be collectively written in one post; but I am intently aware of posting too often consequently becoming 'one of those' irritating people who plaster their life all over the internet for any old body to have a gander. For me, this is treading on dangerous territory of being mistaken for a self-righteous egotistical being, which I hope to the high heavens is not a realistic portrayal.

In other words, the above paragraph is trying to say that although I do not post everything I wish, there are infact many, many things I would like to write about. I hope that one day all these things will find themselves well written.

Today has been 'one of those days'. It's the only way I can describe the stream of events from today, and even that description fails to do this Monday justice. It has not been bad, by any stretch of the imagination. It's not been bad at all. Just busy. I am lucky enough to have the most wonderful tutor at University, who I had a rather long tutorial with this morning, discussing all things future-orientated and these subjects always run the risk of making one feel slightly small and insignificant and overwhelmed. However, I must point out the very point that I believe my sister gave me the insight to see: I am in fact incredibly lucky to have so many options available. So rather than feel overwhelmed, I can accept that this is just a natural process for my mind to go through and I can feel excited and free with the knowledge that eventually, the right path will be taken.

Following this tutorial, I bumped into my good friend Jen who sensed a coffee and moment to just 'be' was much needed, so we went to the glorious small coffee shop, the Perky Peacock to get a quick coffee before I went off to the school I have my placement in. Then back to uni, dissertation lecture, lots of tea consumed, home, and work. So, it's not been bad. It's just been a long day.

On my walk back home, the main thought I had was one about energy. What we choose to do with our energy, how we use it, how we are prone to misusing it, and how it impacts on others. Energy is an incredibly powerful component of our make-up. Along with our physical body and our genetic biological and mental functions, we also each have a psyche, with energy levels attached. We have a choice each day of how that energy is used. So, as I walked, I made a very conscious decision to turn my energy into the positive and productive kind.
I hope this continues...

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