Friday, 23 November 2012

it is the week of Thanksgiving

It is finally Friday!

The week is over, and it has been a week of unquestionable progression and productivity. I have had no castings or jobs or modelling-related activities, other than confirming what sounds like a really cool shoot for a project next week. This has meant I have really been able to focus on my degree; what I often refer to as the 'second half' of my life. Lectures, tutorials, my voluntary work, and also an additional training session for new mentors about to begin the process I embarked on this time last year. Despite working with young people in care for a year now, I attended the training session with the existing years worth of experience already under my belt, but this by no means implies that I am an expert.. Not in the slightest. I learn new things each week I meet with my young person, and I definitely learnt some new and valuable things and found the day quite motivational. I'm really pleased that I've continued my voluntary work, even though there are no university requirements to do so for me this year.

It was a considerable challenge to detach myself from emotions. The work we do is very very real and meaningful, and once working relationships are established.. my goodness, there is a new depth to what this meaning is. You almost have to learn to manage this as you go. I sat with a couple of other girls in my year and suddenly just felt like one of those 'sensitive souls'. It's not an overbearing sadness, it's just called 'being human', I think.

In other news, I am really happy with my new glasses, healthy hair trim, and the jumper my Nan lovingly knitted me which arrived in the post yesterday. It is the week of the fourth Thursday of November, otherwise known to Americans as the celebration of Thanksgiving. The week we can give thanks and gratitude, even if we're not residing in the United States of America. It is historically a ceremonious religious occasion for Americans or Canadians. I am neither religious or American, but I am still thankful for very much of what my life has become. We don't really even need the excuse of Thanksgiving in order to feel appreciative, but it's just nice to acknowledge and make the best use of this day. There are many, many things that unfortunately we cannot change, but we can change the way we think. So if we eradicate a negative feeling and replace it with one of positive value, what's the harm in that?

Happy thanksgiving. Here is a little picture of me today wearing my new glasses and jumper (while hard at work in the library!)

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