Sunday, 4 November 2012

When in Scotland

To continue smoothly on from my last post, I am back home in York now, but my short trip up North to Scotland was simply wonderful. As a model, I travel a lot. Those who are very close to me are among the lucky select few who see my (sometimes extreme) highs and lows regarding travelling and tiredness and the stress involved in trying to plan my life outside of modelling.. I have called my Mother at ungodly hours of the morning from foreign countries, spoken to model bookers at midnight before jobs, broken down to tears in countless public locations and relied on good friends to be there, whether that is letting me share their bedroom, their hotel room, their food, a hug, or being on the other end of the phone when facing the day ahead feels too much. I don't know.. Perhaps I over-complicate things. My mind does tend to run away with thoughts sometimes, and perhaps I should continue learning to just let things be as they are. Accept that which I cannot change, etc. However, I am only human and I cannot help but feel overwhelmingly stressed with the lifestyle I have all too easily formed for myself.. Human beings strive for balance, which for me, includes incorporating a little time for Uni lectures, social life,  family, and dare I say it, a little downtime?

Well, I take what I have, I am thankful each day for those things. Waking up each morning for me is all too similar to the concept of playing a game of cards; I never know what comes next. It is either a good hand or a bad hand, but the deciding factor is ultimately what I choose to make of it. I am becoming increasingly less caught up on the aspects of life that I have no control over, and by doing so, I am able to practice my positive thinking even more-so. It's becoming almost like second nature now.. There are so many things to be thankful for and to appreciate. Why focus only on the 'bad', when the 'bad' is only subjective and negates all the good surrounding?

Anyway, going a little off route here. This post is meant to be about my shoot in Edinburgh. It really was beautiful. It was so damn cold (as can only be expected in early winter days in Scotland) but the remote beach location we drove to, the people we worked with, and the open log fire made the job a rather enjoyable one. It was such a nice change to be working somewhere other than London. Travelling to a location so far away from my usual life meant that I could really be mindful of the surroundings and focus on the job, as opposed to living life quite literally on the edge.

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