Thursday, 15 November 2012


This is my university. Pretty beautiful, don't you think?

Today my gratitude is for this building. I live in the beautiful city of York and as much as it is incredibly small and limiting and I have to travel an obscene amount for my jobs, I do love this city. It is home. And these cities we can call 'home' are very few and far between. Some people are forever searching for their home and never are able to find it.. Anyway, that is another thought for another day.

For today, I am very appreciative of my university. Not only because it is a place very beautiful to look at throughout each season of the year, but most importantly because of the people it has introduced me to. I am in third year. A year to this day, I will (hopefully) be attending my graduation ceremony.

Oh, so many mixed feelings about this. But the main one being of appreciation.
If we really do only have today, then today I am happy

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