Friday, 9 November 2012

gratitude changes everything

To be grateful
To be thankful
To appreciate

What does this mean for you?
Instead of feeling disheartened about yourself and the world we live in, how much would your outlook on life change if you felt appreciative for the positive influences surrounding us? These are the things that keep the world moving forward, the things that inspire us to change, and the things that educate our minds in ways that are otherwise difficult to connect with.

Last night I had a brief telephone conversation with my mum. We had both had a long and demanding day and were both about to head to bed. I had emailed her my newly written CV asking for motherly advice on anything I may want to change. No one knows the events and experience I have to date better than my own Mother does, so I thought if anyone could offer some better insight int the art of 'selling oneself on paper', my mother can do this with great ease. Our conversation consequently moved onto something I have been considering for a while; taking a course in creative writing. Even the fact that this blog has been regularly updated with almost five hundred posts to date since October 2010 says a little something about how much I value the art of writing and expressing through words. Of course my writing expands and ranges from scientific psychology reports and academic assignments through to highly personal reflective journal documents, hand written letters to friends, and my much loved journal of personally chosen poetry, quotes, philosophical thoughts, and book/film extracts. So, in conclusion it is reasonably fair to say that taking even a short course in creative writing would most definitely fulfill another aspect of myself that has not yet been explored fully.

My mother's response was entirely positive, until validly stating 'But you don't have enough time Tan.', to which I responded 'There is only enough time as I think there is', meaning that if I tell my mind that there is not enough time, of course I will not find the time. The preconceived belief that time is not there will overrule the reality. Alternatively, if the belief is created that yes, there is indeed enough time for me to dedicate a small number of hours a week to learning and educating myself in this area; low and behold, I will find time. Belief is a powerful notion. It may all sound a little like 'airy fairy nonsense' but I suppose until trying it out, there is no way of fully knowing its truth. We have enough time as we allow there to be. To think that we don't is merely an illusion of the mind.

So, today I am grateful. 

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