Sunday, 3 March 2013


The first half hour of Saturday morning was spent genuinely thinking 'thank god it's Friday.'
Friday was too much of a hectic day to really consider what day of the week it might have been.
Saturday, as suggested above, was spent in a 'Friday frame of mind'
Sunday (today), well I'm not sure. Perhaps a Saturday kind of vibe today.

One thing is certain - I am absolutely out of touch with that intuitive part of the mind that is at least concrete in the knowledge of what day of the week it is. I am a little worried that I will do the wrong things on the wrong days this week because clearly my mind is not focused on the present moment. I am obsessively checking my diary because each time I think about something a sharp wave of sheer panic runs through my body and I have to double check just to be certain and know that things are not slipping out of control. This really just means that the majority of my thoughts are consumed with times and dates and jobs and 'things I must remember to do.'

Friday really was an intense day. 9-12 clinical psychology lecture, 1-3.30 careers mini counselling conference, 4-5 dissertation supervisor meeting. When written down here it doesn't seem much, but after an already intense week, my head was pounding by about 3pm and I had consumed about enough caffeine to last an entire week. I most definitely sought out balance by spending this weekend with two of my very best friends, Moor and Ella. And then a day with my sweet sister Brys has restored me with the energy and enthusiasm this week requires. Providing I keep track of the days...

However, it is a new month, a new week, and I get to see my family tomorrow evening to celebrate my Mother's birthday. This, I am certain, shall be a wonderful evening.

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