Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Returning home

Purely because it seems to be a common theme of mine, to take photographs of train window views, here is a photograph I took yesterday at about 5pm on the way to Harrogate. It's getting lighter in the evenings and we can appreciate lighter skies and beautiful colours. I am also incredibly lucky to live so close to some beautiful scenery. I have lived around here for 13 years and I still love it. It doesn't mean that much when you learn that I moved from an early childhood in a red bricked house in a dull area of the grey English city we call Manchester.
There's not much I've seen of the rest this world that I don't love. But I think it's always important to appreciate what we have. Some people spend so long planning and wishing to be away that they forget that actually, returning home, whatever/where ever 'home' may be, can be the most comforting thing of all. 

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