Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sunday stories

It is just gone 6.30pm and it's starting to get darker outside now and I've just put the heating on because it's still absolutely freezing despite approaching the end of March. Yes, March - actually, I'm not shocked by the weather, I am shocked that it's almost April. Why, why, why must time pass us by so quickly? Anyway, this is another thought that continues always and forever in my mind. But surely the darkness and the almost zero degree temperature make it absolutely acceptable for me to be wearing my pyjamas and using a hot water bottle? Today I woke up and started cracking on with transcribing my dissertation interviews, which I finished, printed out at Uni, went for a walk, went to the supermarket to stock up my kitchen with food, came back home and then experienced something that was most likely rather entertaining to watch for anyone who happened to be looking out of their window on my street! I put my recycling boxes out at the front of the house ready for collection tomorrow, doing my part as a good citizen, and in doing so, the wind was so strong that it blew the front door shut. Resulting in me standing on the street with my teddy bear and love heart socks on, locked out of my own home. This would have been OK but my housemate is currently in Turkey for two weeks... Yes, I had a good few moments of panic - stood on my street, staring at my house, at my feet, and at the door wondering who to call but then quickly realizing that my phone was in my bedroom. Luckily I had been cleaning and had the living room window open just a touch, so I swallowed my pride and approached my lovely next door neighbour to ask if he would kindly assist me in climbing into my house through the gap in my window... We bonded and laughed over my misfortune. Let this be a lesson to be more wary of the powers of the wind, and an acknowledgment of luck and gratitude that I had actually left my window open.

In other news, my Mother seems to have stepped up and adopted the role of my manager just for my modelling career and finances. I spent last summer in London working and my agency still haven't paid into my bank account from my agency account - this is really common for models. I'm very lucky with Boss because being in Manchester it's different to London and we have a good system and each month we are paid. This is very different story in London, particularly if you just stay a few months at a time and don't live there. But six months down the line and still not being paid a substantial fee is a little out of line, so my mother has recognized this and stepped in to contact the agency for me with a rather forwardly assertive email requesting some pro-active action and my payment. I have to say, this is a weight, just a small, small weight, but a weight nevertheless off my mind, just knowing that I'm not fighting this battle entirely on my own. It's only a small battle in the grand scheme of things, but it most certainly helps and it is a motherly gesture that means much more than it does written on paper.

A Sunday of working and shopping and working and working, of being locked out of my house and being very fortunate about having a route back in, even if through the window! This does entertain me! I am just taking a break from beginning to analyse my transcriptions to write this...

The day really has been quite relaxing. I'm enjoying having the house to myself. I'm listening to acoustic Ray LaMontagne and falling a little in love with his beautiful voice and music while watching it get dark outside and waiting for Ella to arrive. I'm sat surrounded with work and papers and empty coffee cups and beginnings of colour coded thematic analysis spider diagrams. But in all honesty, I am rather content like this for today.

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