Saturday, 16 March 2013

Focus on the good. Happy Saturday morning

It's the weekend. Saturday morning and I have been up since 6am. Why such an early rise and shine for such a casual lazy day? Goodness knows. It won't actually be a day of indulgent nothing-ness, I will keep chipping away at this big brick wall of my own creation entitled 'my dissertation', and then I shall go for a late afternoon tea with the beautiful lady Steff, followed by some cocktails this evening. I guess this is what a weekend is for - catching up on the work we failed to do during the week, but not neglecting the crucial balance we so desperately require in order to contently 'keep on keeping on' - as my Facebook status so eloquently phrased it last night.

To 'keep on keeping on' suggests an element of despondent hopelessness - this is not how I want life to be for the next couple of months, nor is it how life WILL be for the next couple of months. It's not really an accurate reflection of life right now either; but it seems to be the most well-fitting phrase. I finish University in two months time. This is of course exciting and it's very much at the foreground of my mind right now. I am ready for the next thing. But it is a terrifyingly real prospect, and a rather sad thought to have in mind, knowing that I have a huge place in my heart for my University and my course and the people I've grown to love. There is so much to still be done. So, so much. If I am to leave and not be offered a place on the post grad course here, it will be a little heartbreaking to leave knowing that the last couple of months were spent merely fighting to stay afloat and neglecting everything that is absolutely breath-taking, exciting, and intriguing about life right now. 

My desktop background on my laptop has the words: 'Focus on the good.' - and this, is precisely what I need to do before I drive myself absolutely crazy. The simple mindset of focusing on the good. There are so many good things ahead but I'll just be blind to them if I waste my energy worrying.

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