Saturday, 30 March 2013

Intriguing families

Once more Saturday has arrived. It's a 4-day Easter weekend and it began yesterday evening with a trip back to Harrogate to see my family. Families are strange things. Most of us are systemic beings - one part of a whole, whether that's family or friends or community or work. Very few of us stand entirely alone, although I do admit, it can feel that way sometimes. 

There's such a very fine line - between being an autonomous being; knowing we always have freedom of choice and that we are powerful enough to create change even if we have doubts or uncertainties. Knowing that we are entirely rightful to own our ambitions and goals and they are absolutely attainable and within our reach because we have the power and strength to make it that way. So, yes, we are fiercely independent beings in one sense. Once we own our life and our bodies and the decisions we make, it is entirely possible to make things happen. Perhaps this is my 23-year old mind a little detached from the responsibilities that I'll no doubt have when I'm older. But why not think this way when it makes so much sense right now? It feels very much like I'm standing alone, so rather than dwell, I'll choose to do good with it.

So, being one part of a bigger picture - how does one live a self-governed life, spinning around freewheeling and neglect the fact that we live in a world full of other human beings, and as a human being ourselves, we thrive from contact and connection and relationships. I guess this is where balance comes in - independent lives merging together to form networks that we hope to manage in a way that works wonderfully well together. Supportive and mutually understanding, somehow we hope that these connections empower us even more. This is why families are so intriguing; they have the power to lift us up completely, or to break us down to square one again. 

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