Thursday, 21 March 2013

Lessons of a Wednesday

Lessons of today:

1. You can spent 9am-6pm in University and only get one job application in and three pages of a transcript analysed. I use the word 'analyse' with caution - I'm just dipping my toe in the water, I really am not entirely sure what I'm doing, but my tutors advice is one of trusting my instincts, so this is what I'm starting to do. I really only over-viewed a few things and began to note down key ideas. I know what I'm doing (ish), and actually, it fits really well with how I work but my research is not a 'black and white' type of study so naturally it requires a little self-certainty.

2. Salted 'Popchips' - a 'health' snack food, resembling a combination of baked crisps and snack a jacks are actually really delicious. I haven't really been eating this kind of food for a while, because after a certain number of years eating a lot of low fat flavoured baked crisp snacks or rice cake thins or such foods, I concluded that actually, they all taste pretty much the same. Salty, artificially sweet/flavoured, and crunchy but full of air and you're often even hungrier after eating them than you were before. However, I forget that actually, these foods in moderation are not too bad at all. They are rather handy snacks and variety is most definitely key right now.

3. Some people 'trust in the process', others allow the process to 'trust in them'. Both ways are exciting, and either way, there are so, so many wonderful things ahead for those that seek out good things. If we go through each day with open eyes and open minds, we are bound to find such things, or to let them find us.

4. I had eight cups of coffee today. And one tea. And I think I'll still sleep fairly well.

5. It is a heart-stopping moment when you receive an email with the outcome of an interview you so desperately wanted. And the person who happened to find me moments after me reading this email shall always be the first who shared the moment of happiness after I read my acceptance. I now have an offer for a place on the post graduate training in counselling and psychotherapy at my University. I can begin practicing as a trainee practitioner and my career can fully begin. My life for the next few years can begin to take shape now. It's such early days, but I am so pleased that not only do I have the choice of which Masters I accept, but I know with absolute certainty which one is right and where I belong for now. Things are changing...

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