Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sweet treats

Home made sweet treats that I made yesterday. I clearly don't eat all these cakes myself so I'm unsure why recently I'm nurturing my love for baking. I have 12 cupcakes sat in my kitchen downstairs, my housemate is away for a couple of weeks, no one is here to eat them, and yet I am very tempted to bake more. Perhaps I will - I have actually asked my Mother to visit this afternoon. I have reached twenty three years old and this is the first time she's actually come over to my house for no real reason, just because I asked her to. So she can take some home and we can eat some together.

Anyway - I must be finding some therapeutic value in this baking hobby. It's nice and easy and I guess it's a good distraction from every-day madness. Comfy clothes, music playing, mixing my ingredients, decorating away, et voila - sweet treats are created. This fitted yesterday very nicely - dissertation research and reading, cups of coffee, bubble baths, baking goodies, and an evening with wonderful company and sweet cherry & disaronno cocktails.

I don't know how, but positivity has found me again. I'm glad - Now is the time I need it the most.

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