Thursday, 14 March 2013

This is my life

Tonight it is 9pm and I am already feeling ready to sleep. This is proving to be a long, long week of working and I also had my interview day yesterday for the post grad course I have my heart set on. I'm hesitant about saying I have my heart set on it, but I do. If I don't get it, I shall have no other choice but to accept and know that that's the right decision for now. It's so hard to tell, and it's ever so easy to feel very uncertain about it all when we are experts at adopting the role of our own worst critic at times like this. I am skeptical about writing too much until I know the outcome for myself.

In other news, it is Friday tomorrow. I can't believe it's the end of another week. I also can't believe it's mid-March and it's been snowing and at minus 7 degrees when I left the house this morning, but hey! Tomorrow shall be one of those days where it reaches evening and I think something along the lines of 'how on earth did my life become this madness...' I have a Clinical Psychology lecture on Schizophrenia, followed by an 'Experiential activity' run by the Counselling tutors, (I am unsure what this will entail!) and then I'll head to Manchester to the agency for a casting, which I'm not too excited for but Easter is a time when I need to be working as much as humanly possible) so this means castings must be attended.

But really - schizophrenia to a mysterious experiential group, to a model casting???
Yes. My life really is this.

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