Thursday, 28 March 2013

Journey this week

The last week of March 2013 is most definitely proving to be a week of productivity, which for me, undoubtedly equates to a week of absolute positivity. Surely only good can come from working, being pro-active, and opening doors. My journey yesterday took me to Doncaster with two of my very good friends for an exciting meeting about project work. And this small task of writing a dissertation is well and truly being attacked.

As I keep discussing - the focus of my mind right now is very much on the future. It is increasingly difficult to be immersed in the here and now when the future is prominently always present in my mind. My tutor asked how things were, apart from the dissertation, and I said 'there is just so much to get in place and to sort out - an entire to-do list that's much more extensive than I'm probably even aware of myself'. The future is a big empty void of the great unknown right now. It's an exciting void, but one that must be a more certain void in the near future. I am trying to secure a suitable and flexible job which will give me the financial security I need alongside modelling, post grad study, and the counsellor/psychotherapist trainee work I'll be undertaking. However, saying this, I am well aware of the aspects of life to prioritise. Alongside this, a new house in a few months time and a car, hopefully next month, are high on the agenda too. I suppose contemplating jobs, houses, and cars are very much associated with responsibility and stepping up in this world. I do turn 24 next month - I cannot live as a 23 year old forever.

The theme of this week: To leave no door unopened.

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