Friday, 3 May 2013

A continuation

A continuation of life's madness.

I say 'madness' here, and it's not a bad thing. In fact, it's ironically the one constant of my life. It's the thing that causes much stress but simultaneously I'm not sure I am capable of living any other way. It's a necessity - keeping life moving the way it does. Life, at least for the time being, is one beautiful. extensive and ever-lasting continuous series of events that I suspect would probably string together one day very nicely with an abundance of stories to tell. To corrupt the string of events before it's time would be a crime.. so for now I am going with the process, going with life, and hoping that it doesn't cause too much damage along the way.

Yesterday only I could sit through the last lecture at Uni, rush off to a photoshoot with some great and talented friends, and spend the evening with some of those people drinking wine and talking about I don't know what whilst editing the shots. I have to say too, that the location was the most breathtakingly beautiful castle. And we modelled my good friend Ruth's collection, who I think absolutely deserves all the wonderful things that life can give. Her collection is just beautiful.

Here's to a day of catching up on the things 'madness' often causes us to neglect. That's after my casting in Manchester and after I attempt to forgive myself for missing my morning lecture due to the fact my head is living in a parallel universe where it happens to be any other day but Friday. I'm sure we all have days where the madness of life causes us to live in blissful unawareness particularly regarding the date/day. Similar to that feeling of returning back to reality after a holiday and you somehow lose touch with the days and all sense of time is forgotten about. It's actually a little disorientating; not that I've been on holiday at all, but it's a similar concept.

I shall get ready to leave for the train, where I will sit for an hour and a half with my laptop and dissertation and coffee and hope that no train buddies attempt to join me. I'm all for making friends with strangers and bonding over our travel experiences but for today, I need to dedicate every ounce of my attention to my dissertation and perhaps begin some exam revision. Sitting in a casting room is probably the most rest I will get today...

Below are some pictures from yesterday. Thank you Ruth, for organizing a day of beautiful clothes, beautiful surroundings, and beautiful people.

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