Tuesday, 7 May 2013

An afternoon of belonging

I'm sat outside a cafe in town by the river re-igniting my love for reading and writing with only the company of my own thoughts, music, a book, and my pen and paper.

I am planning an assignment, so unfortunately it's not reading for pleasure. I shouldn't really be planning this assignment anyway, I should be working on the more imminent deadlines such as dissertation and exam. This is just where the afternoon has taken me though. I am fortunate enough to study in an area that I find so compelling and fascinating that it doesn't matter that so much of my reading is limited to my degree. I don't despise my reading lists and I wish there was more time to enjoy this kind of activity. More time would allow me to fully embrace rather than read with an open minded heart but through tunnel vision sight due to ever imminent deadlines and focussed assignments. I am educating myself on my own philosophical stance as it stands at the present moment in time. How can this be ever fully justified in one essay? It can't... I'm not even sure it can be eloquently and sufficiently phrased but without feeling grounded in my understanding it will most certainly be a challenge.

If working can ever be a blissful experience, this is it. It's beautiful outside and when it's warm and peaceful, it eradicates some of the impending doom I think deadlines tend to advocate. It really is a place where my soul feels at home, even if just a temporary home, my soul belongs. We can spend a lifetime fighting these deadlines, or we can decide to go with it and put to good use the energy we otherwise spend fighting something that ultimately we cannot change.

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