Saturday, 25 May 2013

For Ruth and Bryony

On Thursday evening I was seated in the second row of the audience alongside my mum, my sister Frankie and Matt. We were there to support Ruth and to watch my sister debut in her very first fashion show. Firstly, it was very refreshing to be on the 'other side' of the madness for once. Not to be modelling but to be relaxed and watching the show.

Bryony was walking for one of my really good friends, Ruth and her beautiful graduate collection. It was wonderful to see Ruth in her element doing what she does best. This redheaded woman has incredible talent. I always feel so excited for everything the future has in store for her because she's possibly one of the most driven yet grounded people I know. I remember when we first met doing a modelling competition and how much our lives have completely and utterly changed and been filled with such hard work and exciting madness since that day. It was also really an evening of immense pride to see Bryony walking and looking so beautiful. It's not that she was modelling - God knows I know that the reality of fashion shows is very much different to the image we see. But it was that she is my younger sister and she really just did an incredible job.

At the finale of the show, Ruth walked on hand in hand with Bryony to take her final bow and have pictures taken. It was one of those beautiful moments that I wish I could capture forever. A make up artist friend of mine once said that the thing they love most about this job is that good friends can come together and create something uniquely beautiful. This finale was one of those beautiful moments.

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