Monday, 6 May 2013

All that you need is in your soul

'all that you need now is in your soul'
- Simple Man, Shinedown.

Happy bank holiday Monday. The sun is shining outside and I shall always continue to be a strong advocate for seizing the sunshine as and when we can - it has potential to bring so much joy, even to the most despondent souls. The most simple and natural and consistent thing there is in this world is light, yet the power it holds is unimaginable. Imagine a world with no sunlight. We wake up and assume the sun will suitably follow our awakening because that's the world we live in. Because light and dark is such an objectively known fact. However, for anyone who's spent time with me lately as the sun's been setting in the evening, they will have been witness to my love for how beautiful and incomparable the view is each day. That ball of fire in the sky holds much more power than we are momentarily aware of. The sun is 150 million km away from earth yet it creates the most breathtaking views.

Anyway, moving away from my inner romantic idealism; there is no time for such thinking at least for this moment in time! Currently I'm sat in my room with a full draft completed of my dissertation whilst listening to some beautiful music. (that's where the above quote comes from) I am considering relocating to the garden with my exam revision because yes, it's beautiful outside. This time next week I will be sat in an exam hall taking my final year clinical psychology exam and I haven't even begun to even look at past questions or my overbearing mammoth sized 'Psychopathology' book which lies rather intimidatingly in front of me. Time to remove myself from dissertation land for the time-being. In a few days time I can consider edits and re-drafts and the lucky souls I pinpoint to proofread my dissertation baby, which oddly, I feel somewhat protective over at the minute.

It's a beautiful day to save lives... OK, I'm no Derek Shepherd, but it is a beautiful day and I need to use it wisely. I am going to my boyfriend's gig tonight, so today must be embraced, even if it means sitting in the garden with books and coffee. As the music says, all that we need is in our soul. Let us use it.

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