Sunday, 19 May 2013

Train travelling and the present moment

On the train early evening today and I was genuinely stunned with the world. I know I am a lover of the sun. And I know it doesn't always make sense to some... I find some odd sense of eternity in the sunlight, especially when it's setting or rising. I think it's one of the most unique and beautiful things the world has to offer. It's a constant. It sets and it rises and it's never the same again. You know when you're looking at the sun, that what you're witnessing is both constant and dependable yet exclusive and rare. It has such incomparable beauty. It's everything we wish for in this world and it's right there above us, all the time.

This is beauty. This is what we miss out on when we live with only half of ourselves truly living. To be aware of our present is to be fully alive and connected. Even if in just fleeting moments. I guess that by noticing these things, despite the madness of life and the feeling of wading through marshland at times, I must be living it at least. I'm reading a book called 'The present moment', which most likely can be held accountable for my thinking today. And my thinking has inevitably informed this blog post which I have no doubt in my mind seems rather idealistic. This thinking is not at all in tune with the stress that seems to be manifesting itself all too persistently. But perhaps this awareness is a good stress-management technique that I seem to uptake without even trying. I'm sure it's much better for my body than the wine and coffee intake which is ever increasing also.

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