Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Sunday shoots

On Sunday I had a job in the middle of nowhere... No great surprise there. I couldn't even recall where it was we were shooting. It was a £26 taxi ride from the nearest train station. A fair distance, and even the questionable taxi driver seemed to get lost en route. A disoriented taxi driver is always a reassuring sign.

It was a cool shoot with a very feminine team of lovely girls. We had a laugh and drank tea and we also had a beautiful house to shoot in as our location. I can't help but think that I should have spent the day before my exam revising and not playing dress up and pose and try to look beautiful even though you have a million other things on your mind. However, from a more positive outlook on life, I am earning money and meeting some more really great people. I'm not sure if I have become a master of disguise or if the eyes really are the window into the soul, but yes - my mind was not there. Not fully. I left home at 7am and arrived home at just before 9pm absolutely ready for bed with good revision intentions but alas, they did not materialize into reality. 

There is more to write in another post. For now, it's 2am and the rain outside is so loud and oddly comforting. I shall make the most of being able to lie in the dark listening to the rain and hoping that dream-land seduces me into deep slumber... 

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