Thursday, 16 May 2013

a momentous day

To mark a momentous day, today I submitted my dissertation. And for once in my life, I actually felt ready to submit. I had that last minute panic of course, but I am almost certain that  my 10,954 word dissertation is a reflection of my best efforts. I guess only time will tell if my best efforts measure up to a good enough grade. It was submitted with all my positive thinking sent along with it, and with proofreading approval of two of my most trusted friends and my Mum.

I know that for some this seems incredibly bizarre, but I enjoyed writing it and I really enjoyed the process of my research. People warned me that by the end of my write up, i would be likely that I would hate my piece and I'd be happy to see the end of it. In fact, some said that I may want to get an extra copy bound in order to burn it as a symbolic celebratory good riddance. I am pleased to say that I am immensely happy to have submitted it, but I don't hate it at all. Usually if we hate something, it means that we've been damaged or hurt in some way. There's a lot of negativity attached to the word hate. I feel quite the opposite about this dissertation... Now on to the final two assignments and all the endings. Endings that are drawing closer and closer and closer.

My conclusion about these inevitable endings are as follows... Endings happen as sure as the sun sets and time moves on. Change happens - we cannot avoid it, we cannot ignore it and we certainly cannot assume that the clocks stop just because we want time out. I think we have to just feel it and embrace it because at some point, we'll look back and wonder why on earth we spent a certain moments fighting and resisting something the universe was giving to us whether we wanted it or not. The real gift lies in what the universe provides - the real gifts are the doors being opened and the people who are opening them with us.

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