Wednesday, 29 January 2014


These past couple of days I have been feeling in a 'yes' mood. The kind of mood that is very efficient and optimistic and more often than not, results in a realisation that we are capable of far more than we think we are. That there are twenty-four hours in the day and seven days a week. We can choose to make good use of that time in ways we did not see as possible. In other words, the mind is a very powerful tool. Now I could joke and write that 'with power comes great responsibility...' But without my spoken voice and the sarcasm I would speak with, the point would be somewhat lost!

However, there is a little truth there, in that the mind must be treated with care and respect. I learnt that lesson yesterday - that going to the cinema to see a particularly heavy film straight after a particularly draining day is not the way to treat the mind with love and respect. There is something about being a post grad student and trainee therapist that is very tiring. Perhaps there is just something about life that is tiring... I often reflect this to my students that I tutor - that the work is not designed to be an easy task. If it were easy, it would not be called work. But it is important to find what works and discover what is right for you. What is my motivation? How do I learn best? What really interests me? These are all questions that are really quite challenging to answer, but the tiring nature of life is made worthwhile if the work is for something that means something. If the work connects with something inside of us, somehow it becomes less of a demand and more of a choice; it is about give and take. I know myself, that I am more likely to give more of myself when I connect with what I am doing. Through connecting with it, I get something back. It somehow balances out the process.

I was teaching social psychology research methods this evening and at the end of the session, my student asked how you know when you've found the 'right' thing for you...? My response was, that perhaps there is no right or wrong - perhaps what feels right will change over time. It is a very subjective judgement, but we will always know what the 'right' thing is, because we will feel it inside.

This post is entitled '700' simply because this is my 700th blog post. It is to mark that milestone!

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