Sunday, 19 January 2014

A weekend of firsts

Is it a bad sign that I have just reminded myself of the week just gone by consulting the past few pages of my diary...? My memory has never been terribly remarkable, but I suspect this lack of ability to recall is simply down to my brain already preparing for the looming Monday morning. It seems that the latter half of last week was spent working with students during their exam week, seeing clients on placement, or contemplating much of current life with my own tutor.

Another Sunday evening has reached us and I have spent my weekend doing a few 'firsts'. Well, amongst the work and cleaning and organising folders. I met a new tutoring student on Saturday afternoon, and spend the most part of Saturday evening simply sat in front of the TV. This is such a rare occurrence that since moving house I have not even spent one hour doing this. It felt good (if not a little 'bad') to sit and watch 'crap TV'. But it is there for a reason I guess. And I allowed myself that evening for a very good reason; the reason last night was to take a break and restore my energy, and of course, to indulge in as much tea drinking as I could possibly manage.

Today was a 'first' to be proud of. I have never exceeded 10k whilst running, so this afternoon I very much enjoyed an 11k run. One of the things I would like to do this year is take part in a race. Since the summer months, I have re-discovered running outdoors. I do not run for weight loss,  nor do I run because I have been subject to any kind of unhealthy motivation that might be externally (or internally) driven. That kind of motivation is an uncomfortably familiar feeling for me, and I know that this is not it. I have realised that often I run simply for the fresh air and the views. There are few things as refreshing as breathing in fresh clean air, listening to good music, and organizing what is often a very chaotic mind at the end of the day. Now I am not a professional runner, nor do I attempt to better my pace or perfect my technique; but I do hope that this is helping me gain strength of body and mind. The heart, body, and mind are all part of one being and I do truly believe that treating them kindly will only generate positive living and positive outcomes.

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