Thursday, 9 January 2014

Scouting for the sun

It is no secret that I adore the sun. The sunset, sunrise, just the midday sun... Summer, winter, any season... any country in fact. I do tend to seek out the light. It is a source of humour for some of my good friends and my sister, but it is rather symbolic if I think about it. I like that regardless of whatever else might be happening in life, even in the face of storms and hurricanes, the sun will still rise and set. And even if the clouds are so thick that the sun cannot be seen, the colours will still change. Perhaps there is no need to justify the amount of pictures I take... Regardless of all meaning, there are some beautiful views in this world. It is important to see them and not pass them by.

I am still mid-way back to life post-Christmas break and today was a day off. There is an extensively domineering part of me that has a very ambivalent relationship with the concept of 'time off'. But I think that we do need to listen to the messages our bodies give. I am victoriously fighting my cold away and I had no modelling jobs, no other jobs, no lectures to attend or students or clients to see. In the interest of self-care, it seems that today was needed just to revive my energy from what has been a rather taxing couple of days. Needless to say I do have a lot of work (always). But some things can wait. Of course I have been scouting the sun today. I really did drive a little out of town just to see it set. And I tried a new running route too partly to give my eyes a different view and to feel different ground underneath my feet. Lesson learnt here - it can be somewhat useful to forget where you parked your car. I ended up running 7.5k instead of 5k this morning simply because I was running around searching for my dearest blue corsa that I seemed to be experiencing short term memory loss with regards to the location I chose to park it!

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