Tuesday, 7 January 2014

'Normality', if such a thing exists

Today my life snapped back to 'normality'. Not that I am under the illusion that such a thing exists; it is a rather useless term really. We might easily be able to access the Oxford English Dictionary and provide a useful definition as to what the term 'normal' suggests linguistically. However in terms of defining a global and prescriptive example of 'normal' or 'normality' - that is a very different request. Human beings are not simple creatures. We might find that actually (and ironically) not one person fits the description at all. It makes me question the entire use of the arguably over-used and under-explored word.

So back to what I call my normality. My 'magical' world (as Anna says!) of sunrises and beautiful views. There's the beauty of the world wide web - the selective process of only ever writing the things we wish to share. I suppose it is the parts of life that receive no (or very little) self-judgement. The rest can be either deciphered by reading through the lines or it is skilfully filtered in the day to day conversations we regularly engage in. Or not so regularly... whichever the case may be.

Whatever my 'normality' is, it is slightly unusual today in that I have the dreaded cold which seems to have plagued me with sniffles and a tendency to overdose on Lemsip cold and flu tablets, paracetamol, and vitamin C tablets (which I chewed, instead of swallowed.. apparently that's not what to do!). I did, however, return back to University and I am very grateful to have resumed my sense of purpose, regardless of my impending cold.

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